Baobab trees at sunset Trip to Morondava to see the baobab and the huge beach <<-- GO
Morondava is known for its huge beach, point of departure and arrival of the local fishermen who use sailing boats typical of the region. But the main attraction of Morondava is the large population of at least 3 species of baobab, bizarre-looking tree considered sacred by the people.
Brown lemur Excursion to Kirindy National Park hosting a xerophytic deciduous forest <<-- GO
The Kirindy park is home to a xerophytic deciduous forest consisting of deciduous trees and shrubs, particularly resistant to drought, which in turn is home to 7 species of lemurs, several birds and reptiles, but also the rare "Madagascar Fossa" , a fearsome predator that hunts birds and mammals.
At the pigs market Overland trip from Antsirabe to Ranomafana along the streets of Madagascar <<-- GO
Tour of the city of Antsirabe with a visit to some small family farms devoted to various sectors of the local, such as the processing of zebu horns. Continue along the roads through the countryside of Madagascar until Ambositra, capital of the woodwork.
The chameleon Excursion to the Ranomafana National Park between chameleons and lemurs <<-- GO
The Ranomafana National Park was established to protect a large area of rainforest that is home to many reptiles and various species of lemurs, some of which have only been discovered recently. Each year sees the presence of different animals, so you must plan your visit according to the species you would like to observe.
Paper from the Avohatree bark Overland trip from Ranomafana to Ranohira via Ambalavao and Anja <<-- GO
The trip in Madagascar continues to the deep south, crossing the town of Ambalavao, known for hosting the only vineyards in the surrounding countryside of Madagascar, as well as being famous for the production of a particular type of paper made from processing the bark of a tree. Do not miss a visit to the Anja park where some families of lemurs live.
Pachypodium Trekking to Isalo park in Madagascar searching for Pachypodium plants <<-- GO
The Isalo National Park covers an area geologically very interesting for the presence of coloured rock, natural pools and maze of small canyons, home to rare succulent plants (some species of Aloe and Pachypodium), as well as several reptiles and lemurs.
Lemur Sifaka Journey to Beza, the kingdom of Alluaudia trees and white lemurs <<-- GO
I leave the  "highway" that continues to Toliara and take the turnoff to the "deep south". From now on, for a long time, I'll never see asphalt but only dusty tracks often in poor condition, and especially I will not see any other means of transport, but the cart drawn by the zebu.  I arrive at the National Park Beza, along a trail that winds through forests of real Alluaudia, a xerophytic plant that lives only in this region of Madagascar.
Didieraceae South Madagascar tour, among the forests of Didierea madagascariensis <<-- GO
The roads in the south of Madagascar go through real xerophytic forests of plants belonging to the family of Didieraceae, in particular, in this small region between Beza and Tsimanampetsotsa, there are many Didierea madagascariensis. The trip ends reaching Ambola, a fishing village with a huge white sandy beach.
Millenary Baobab tree Tour of Tsimanampetsotsa National Park with its millenary baobab trees <<-- GO
The national park is home to a large population of Tsimanampetsotsa baobab, Pachypodium and other succulent plants, but the main attraction is perhaps the endemic fish which is completely blind and without pigmentation; it can be seen very easily from the shore of a small pond contained in a small cave.
Radiated Geochelone Tour to Cap Saint Marie National Park and the tortoise Geochelone radiata <<-- GO
The journey from Itampolo to Lavanono puts a strain on the experience of the driver, but a tour of Cap Saint Marie, the southern tip of Madagascar, with its population of turtles and rare endemic succulent plants, in addition to beautiful scenery, repays  all  the efforts.
Alluaudia procera Tour to Berenty spiny forest full of Didieraceae, lemurs, birds and reptiles <<-- GO
The small protected area of Kirindy taken away  from deforestation, is home to a real forest of Alluaudia and Euphorbia, also called the thorny forest, which is the ideal home for various species of lemur, many birds, large flying foxes and some reptiles.
The Queen's Palace Sightseeing day tour in Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar <<-- GO
Because of the domestic flights often unreliable and therefore the impossibility of obtaining international connections in the day, Antananarivo is a must for those trips to Madagascar that are not limited to the beaches of Nosy Be. In Antananarivo I visit the residence of the King, the Queen's Palace and I go to scenic spots for a view over the city.