Tour to Ranomafana National Park and to rainforest of eastern Madagascar

June 18, 2013 

The journey continues in Madagascar completely changing environment and entering the rainforest where it rains throughout the year and where you can meet many species of chameleons, geckos, frogs and lemurs. Although this is a forest with significant rainfall even during the "dry" season, in any case, the presence of animals varies with the season and it is greater during the austral summer, when the humid heat might make excursions uncomfortable and even the rain much more abundant could cause the closing of some trails.

Ranomafana is a locality in eastern Madagascar ,home to a national park of the same name, home to a research center and an important habitat for many endemic species of lemurs and reptiles. Being a rainforest, of course it rains all year, the only difference is that during the "dry" season rains are slightly less frequent and abundant. In order to observe a greater number of animals (especially reptiles) it is advisable to make a Ranomafana during the rainy season (October to March), but keep in mind that moist heat can be overwhelming and that some trails may be closed due to flooding or streams in flood. In the remaining months of the year there is less variety of animals, but the walks are more enjoyable and risk-free to find some closed path.
Sifaka of Milne-Edwards
A walk in the forest in a relentless rain anyway, but at least with a reasonably cool temperature, it allows me to observe the largest lemur in Madagascar (Milne-Edwards Sifaka).
Microcebus rufus Mouse lemur
A tour in Ranomafana at night allows you to see the many nocturnal animals that inhabit the forest, among them the tiny lemur Microcebus rufus.
Large spider
Some large spiders that live in Ranomafana, and other regions of Madagascar.
At Ranomafana I have seen the greatest number of chameleons, regarding quantity and species, compared to the rest of Madagascar. Here there is also the tiny Calumma nasuta, which in this photo is visible above the leaf in the center of the image. Can you see it?
Chamaleon Calumma nasuta
Photos of chameleons. Some macro close (not so easy in the dark) better shows this interesting chameleon, Calumma nasuta, endemic to eastern Madagascar.
Calumma nasuta
Photo of a chameleon. A few more images show a Calumma nasuta on two different focus layers.
Calumma Chamaleon Calumma

Photo of a Calumma. Another tiny chameleon that can be observed in the Ranomafana National Park, is also this Calumma clinging to a few leaves.

Instead this other chameleon is about 20 centimeters long and has a brown side and a light blue side.
pineapple flambé.
After many hours spent in the rainforest in the rain, what we want is a nice slice of pineapple flambé.
Furcifer chamaleon Furcifer
The sun slowly comes back and along the way I look at a beautiful green chameleon belonging to the genus Furcifer.

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