Tour of Antananarivo at the King residence and among the monuments of the city centre

30 June 2013 

Antananarivo is a must when you visit Madagascar, as the unreliability of domestic flights do not allow you to have an international connection in the day. I'll take a short visit to the city and to the king's residence on a hill not far from the city.

Antananarivo Queen 's Palace (Rova)
The Rova of Antananarivo is located on top of a hill that overlooks the city and is the former residence of the kings under the reigns Merina and Madagascar, respectively, from the seventeenth to the eighteenth century and the nineteenth century. Destroyed by fire in 1995, the building is still under renovation and is open only externally.

Pictures of Antananarivo. A view of the city of Antananarivo,the capital city of Madagascar, visible from one of the highest hills that overlooks the city.
Antananarivo - Madagascar
A church (picture on the left) and the monument erected in honor of those who died during the rebellion against the French settlers (picture on the right)

I visit the archaeological site of Ambohimanga about 25 kilometers from Antananarivo, home of the Royal residence (family Imerina) who reigned until the nineteenth century. In the photos, the square where meetings were held (picture above) and the place where the zebu were sacrificed during certain rituals (picture on the left)
Royal residence Imerina

The elegant buildings, home of the royal family (unfortunately it is not allowed to photograph the interior, so I can not show or tell what I saw)..
Tomb in  Imerina
The tomb of some of the members of the royal family..
Map of Madagascar

The complex also includes some gardens, where there are real trees "Poinsettia". Curiously, folding the leaf in two of the Christmas star ( poinsettia), you get a map of Madagascar.
Rice fields  in Madagascar

From the hill where the ancient residence of the royal family stands , there is a beautiful view of Antananarivo and the surrounding countryside where there are many rice fields.

Phelsuma madagascariensis Gecko
The trip to Madagascar comes to an end, and a nice Phelsuma madagascariensis comes to greet me.

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